About Us

First class entertainment

The quality of our shows are of paramount importance. With almost 3 tons of well maintained props and equipment we guarantee the organiser a spectacle to be remembered by all.

We can set-up in 10 minutes for a jousting spot in a main arena. We can also take up to 2 hours to set up and build a truly memorable jousting tournament arena using all our specially built props, equipment, flags, royal box and mediaeval tents.

A spectacular show

The Knights of Royal England offer a variety of mediaeval shows which include up to 90 minutes of spectacular action, stunts, falls, fights and galloping horses, a warm up, introductions, fanfares, professional commentary and music throughout the show. We can also supply our own PA system.

Guaranteed quality

With over 35 years experience we are able to boast the very best in jousting and mediaeval entertainment. We have event organised corporate events for 5,000 guests and public days for over 15,000 visitors and we welcome the opportunity to take away some of the stresses and strains of the day away from you.

The Knights of Royal England offer you a complete professional package from the initial briefing meeting to the break-down of the arena and in-between we will present to your guests and visitors the most breathtaking and spectacular jousting tournament they are ever likely to see.

Special horses

In mediaeval times the best horses in the world came from Spain and Portugal. Today we use the same breed of horses in our shows, Andalusians and Lusitanos.

The riding and training of these horses has changed little over the past 7-800 years and our modern jousting horses are able to perform what is known today as 'high school' dressage to demonstrate their gymnastic qualities and the skills they were trained to use in mediaeval warfare.

The greatest compliment

The greatest compliment we can be paid is to be asked back to the same venue or by the same organiser. We have hundreds of references from venues in Britain and throughout Europe. We make a point of producing shows to the highest standard and accuracy for the discerning show or event organiser.