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Keep up to date with the latest scores from the Tournament Field. The coveted Champions Crown for 2018 will be decided over a series of over 60 Tournaments.

Points will be awarded for all forms of the competition including tilting, skills on horseback and foot combat. It's important for the Knights to be ready and fit for when the season starts at Easter, an injury could seriously damage a knight's chances of winning and the winner will be truly able to call himself a true Champion Jouster.

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Blenheim Palace (May 5, 6, 7) 124 96 136 112 28 It was hot hot hot all weekend, amazing crowds, just under 30,000 fabulous visitors for the 3 days, thanks everyone for coming, I hope you all enjoyed your time at Blenheim Palace. Great organisation from the Blenheim team. Horses said thank goodness and 'gracias' for some nice hard ground and sunshine....well they would, they are Spanish ! The knights just melted. Great point scoring from Sir Sam and Sir Ashley for the blue team until Sir Ashley went to the dark side on Monday and joined Sir Jasper in the reds...he scored lots more points on Monday, he must have felt more at home. Lots of squires and knight marshalls working hard in the sunshine to make everything work smoothly, only a bit of time for sunbathing and sangria and then back to running around......Company gym membership is now officially cancelled...Matt Damon.
Hedingham Castle (May 27, 28) 78 69 75 51 Lovely weekend at Hedingham, experienced the mother of all lightning storms over the weekend, thankfully not during our Tournament. Sir Jasper and Lord Ashley scored really well, taking the ring and the heads competitions on both days; with Ash now on the Red side and Sir Stephen joining Sam on the Blues, Sam is having to work hard to keep their scoring up. Sir Sam was joined at Hedingham by Sir Guy of Antioch and Sir Paul of Anjou and with all this chopping and changing at the Blue end the Reds are showing no mercy and going in for the big points scoring. Sir Stephen was away this weekend trimming his beard and searching for food in the hedgerows !! Off to Devon tomorrow.
Powderham Castle(May 30, 31, June 1) 144 148 132 136 First time at Powderham Castle, really great weekend, lovely Castle and a fantastic setting. A couple of late nights drinking in the tavern caused Sir Sam to slip down the leader board ! Sir Stephen just kept on scoring, he had a bit of a "beard-off" with a very beardy member of the audience which seemed to spur him on to win everything......he is still as blind as an oak tree ! Lots of great sword fighting too, Max and Matt Damon were both fighting fit and ready to take on anyone. Sir Jasper managed to knock Sir Sam out of the saddle on the second day and Lord Ashley won the medieval whisky drinking game.
Cardiff Castle (June 22, 23, 24) 52 64 93 99 15 Lovely busy weekend at Cardiff, Sir Sam and Lord Ashley scored well and extended their leads overall in the run up to the Hever season. Sir Jasper did not compete on Sunday and badly slipped down the leader board, boo, hiss...his place for Sunday was taken by Paul of Anjou. Cardiff was fantastically well organised as usual, we didnt meet Ed Sheeran who is on tour and following us round the country, I think he pulled in a slightly larger audience than us at the Stadium, but we did meet the lovely Mark know from Knights Tale and Game of Thrones, lovely man, we were able to give him a few tips on jousting. Sir Stephen dislocated his shoulder on Friday, base jumping into the arena !! well not quite but equally spectacular......after a brief visit to A&E and needing Britains strongest Doctor to put his shoulder back in, he continued on as if nothing had happened.
Scores so far 398 308 430 422 94
Hever Castle (July 14, 15) 70 50 60 60 You need to come and see us at our new purpose built tiltyard at Hever Castle, lovely new grass and nice a smooth jousting arena, ideal to punish the unruly Bob and drag him round the arena behind a horse...... growing into a fine young lad is Bob ! Back to the jousting and Sir Jasper took the honours with some mighty fine tilting and point scoring, look out Lord Ashley and Sir Sam, Jasper is coming to beat you !! Great crowds despite the World Cup and the Tennis....on both days, thank goodness for catchup TV and thank you all for coming to see us and our new arena, did I mention we have a new arena !! Sir Sam and Lord Ashley had to keep moving at the end of the show so they didnt just melt and form a large puddle, and yes it was very hot, hot, hot. See you next weekend at Hever, the most beautiful castle in.......
Hever Castle (July 21,22) 65 60 50 30 Exciting 2 days at Hever, bit hot and dusty but it all added to the great atmosphere. All the horses love this weather, it reminds them of where they were born ! Sam of Hever crashed and burned a lot on Sunday, Ashley athletically leapt over the tilt and crashed, Sir Jasper, standing on the tilt shouting at Paul of Anjou, fell off, very funny and poor Bob in the sack had a dust bath while being dragged at 20mph, ha ha. Matt Damen of Pevensey really enjoyed his sword fighting, well, enjoyed it all except the last 5 seconds of the fight .....thats the important bit !! Sir Jasper won the rings on Sunday, and King Henry loves the new sauna in the Royal Box, he will be so skinny soon we wont recognise him. Big 6 horse Jousting Tournament next weekend, medieval encampment and everything...dont miss it.
Hever Castle (July 28, 29) 55 55 50 25 After a lovely cool day on Saturday the rain came on Sunday.....all day, thanks to everyone for coming to watch our spectacular 6 horse tournament over the 2 days, Rebels versus the Royals. Lots of extra things to do and see at Hever, a fantastic Tudor encampment, Traders, historical presentations about life in Tudor Times and then the impressive Black Knight Tudor Knights came to join the joust and performed a great 16 man armoured melee. Thanks guys, great job. The jousting with 6 knights was particularly frantic too, joining the regular Knights Jasper, Sam and Ashley on horseback were Matthew of Castille, Paul of Anjou and Guy de Rouen. Very competitive weekend with Sam of Hever coming out on top....just. All the horses coped with the rain on Sunday and the armour and chainmaille is still being dried and polished.
Hever Castle (August 11, 12) 60 55 55 55 We dodged all the rain and had a great weekend, fantastic crowds on both days. Sir Jasper was on form, look out Sir Sam he's right behind you ! Birthday boy Max of Crowhurst worked hard over the weekend, lots of fighting and getting battered as Knight Marshall for the Reds. Bob took his punishment like the bearded man that he is and Alice and Justin ate cake.....and worked hard. Lord Ashley and Sir Sam, (on opposite teams now) continued their rivalry and Sam unhorsed Ashley on the Sunday but Lord Ashley got his own back during a fight with swords. Very noisy crowds on both days, really great to see everyone shouting and cheering, especially as Sir Jasper won on the Sunday.
Hever Castle (August 18, 19) 52 52 60 45 So, Paul of Anjou is not really French, really ? he's from Huddersfield ! Lord Ashley was on fire over the weekend, horse charging around like a Derby winner and Ashley scoring maximum points. Sir Sam, with his army of followers, mostly under 10's, cheered him on victory in the end fight over both days....lucky, lucky BLue'ser. Bob was punished again, lots of bruises, lots of dust and dirt in the mouth, haha. And Knight Marshall Max was so busy chatting he forgot the Splat......whats that?, you will have to come along for the Bank Holiday 4 day weekend to find out !!
Hever Castle (August 24,25,26,27) 120 90 144 84 Exciting final 4 day weekend at Hever Castle, Lord Ashley came out victorious, won the weekend and became Champion knight for 2018, Congratulations to Ash. Busy day on Friday and then super busy on Saturday and Monday with well over 4500 visitors on each day, packing the car parks to capacity. Sunday was another story, it rained hard all day, the jousting continued as usual, the Knights being careful with their horses in the terrible conditions and 1500 brave visitors came along to watch and cheer. Lots of washing, cleaning and scrubbing of costumes, horses and knights took place on Sunday night in preparation for the big Tournament on Monday. So, another season comes to an end, thanks for everyone's support who came to see us, dates for 2019 Jousting will be upon our website in the next month or so and the exciting news is we have a new Champion Knight for 2019....I'm sure he wont mention it....much !!!
Final Scores so far 820 350 802 841 338