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Keep up to date with the latest scores from the Tournament Field. The coveted Champions Crown for 2018 will be decided over a series of over 60 Tournaments.

Points will be awarded for all forms of the competition including tilting, skills on horseback and foot combat. It's important for the Knights to be ready and fit for when the season starts at Easter, an injury could seriously damage a knight's chances of winning and the winner will be truly able to call himself a true Champion Jouster.

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Blenheim Palace (April 29,30, May 1) 136 144 164 124 Welcome to the 2017 Jousting season, it got off to a loud and exciting start, Blenheim had huge crowds for all three days, thanks for everyones support, Sam of Hever started well obviously looking to trounce Sir Jasper after his beating last year. Beardy Sir Stephen won the rings on the Sunday after a last minute visit to Specsavers...amazing!! Sir Ashley crashed and burned on the Sunday as Sir Jasper took him clean out of the saddle (ok his saddle may have been a bit loose, but it was a great strike). Welcome to new Knights Marshall Tim of York...oh and and Mungo was there too!!! leave the real people alone Mungo. 3 great days jousting, lots of action, thrills and spills, fantastic sword fights, great horsemanship and spectacular Spanish horses. And Sam was unseated on Monday and hit the ground at full gallop as Sir Jasper hit him hard on the tilt, stretcher needed. So...Beardy Sir Stephen lies in second place !
Ekenas Castle(May 13,14) 74 74 80 86 Thanks to all at Ekenas Castle who made this fantastic medieval weekend so enjoyable and such a success, massive crowds. Skål, to our excellent Swedish commentator and jester Patrick and all the traders and participants. The journey was long but well worth it, the jousting and the combat was intense and the arena was very intimate. The Blue team excelled on the field, the Red Team triumphed in the Medieval banquet, Sir Stephens rendition of Wild Rover had to be there !!! See our Facebook for some pics.
Hedingham Castle (May 28,29) 80 70 96 76 Lovely weekend at the fabulous Hedingham Castle, successfully dodged any rain or bad weather so it was great Jousting weather both days. The jousting was full on, lots happening, Sir Stephen got knocked out of the saddle on both days !! Sir Ashley headbutted Mungo's sword with obvious consequences ! Sir Tim headbutted the Quintain, the Quintain won ! And Sir John's ambulance staff were kept busy filling in lots of forms ! Other than that, a full days entertainment laid on at Hedingham and Sir Sam extended his lead in the scores and Sir Jasper was "not 'appy". Lady Jan was "on her own" at the Red end but cunningly used braille to find her way around.
Sherborne Castle(June 24,25) 72 63 84 69 A great weekend of medieval history and entertainment at Sherborne Castle, thanks to everyone at the Castle. The Red team seemed to lose a lot maybe 'cos they didn't pick up as many heads or rings as the Blues ! Ahhh thats the problem !! But Sir Sam and Sir Ashley did get hit hard during the tilting, Sir Sam needed a new shield! Excellent Knight Marshalling from Sir Tim and Sir Max and great fighting from them both, more Tea for Sir Tim ! Sir Stephen missed the hoola hoop on one day, Sir Jasper tripped over, Sir Sam kissed Mungo, and Lady Lucy and Lady Vanessa ran a lot ! Fantastic weekend, looking forward to next year already.
Cardiff Castle (June 30, July 1,2) 116 128 108 120 The wonderful Cardiff Castle hosted a great 3 days again, everyone had a great time, Sir Stephen won the Ring Competition for two days, excellent riding, he DID go to Specsavers. Hot, hot, hot on Saturday and Sunday, the knights roasted, the audience melted but the Spanish Horses just popped a paella on the barbie and enjoyed the sunshine. Mungo was back in the Show after a brief baby shower, he decided to buy a dinosaur to scare the locals with crazy consequences, see our Facebook site. Lots of shattering lances and fantastic competitive swordfighting, more Tea for Sir Tim. The scores are getting close as we move onto Hever and the final run-in for the season. Thanks to lots of very loud school children on the Friday.....and no rain.
Scores so far 478 479 532 475
Hever Castle (July 15,16) 52 48 48 36 Great first weekend at Hever Castle, all went very well and the tournament was fierce. Mungo, Lord Max and Sir Tim all battled and worked hard to be the best Knight Marshall on the Field culminating in an almighty melee which Sir Sam and Lord Ashley could not keep out of, so they all hurt each other. Sir Stephen won the ring competition on Saturday and Sir Jasper won on Sunday, smiles from the Red those scores, we are catching you Sir Sam ! King Henry was on good form and Ann Boleyn did some good Queening, I think he may keep her for another week or so, maybe.
Hever Castle (July 22,23) 50 50 55 45 Oh dear, now that was a rainy weekend, as the fanfares announced the Knights, the heavens opened. Thanks to so many for staying to watch the Tournament and braving the weather, the Spanish horses, all from the south of Spain, love this kind of weather ! Not. Mungo, Sir Sam, Sir Tim and Sir Max really enjoyed splashing around. The King renamed the Red and Blue ends as the Deep end and the Shallow end....very funny, if your not splashing around in it. Anyway lots of good scoring, Sir Stephen from Specsavers seems to have his eye in this season, shame he left the other one at home ! Thats the last of the bad weather, sunshine from here on in, see you next week.
Hever Castle (July 29,30) 40 35 50 60 Sorry if the weather forecast on Saturday of 100% rain at 2.00 was misleading !!?? Of course it didn't rain and we had a great tournament. Dont listen to the weathermen, just look up into the sky and come and watch the Joust ! Fantastic two days jousting, Sir Ashley really scored huge amounts of points and climbed up the Championship leaderboard. Lots of action, really noisy audience, really big audience on Sunday. Sir Sam and Sir Ashley both got knocked off their horses but that seemed to inspire them ! Sir Jasper missed lots of scoring opportunities, Sir Stephen missed even more. A huge melee on foot involving 8 knights ended in victory for Sir Sam and Sir Ashley. Scores are getting close for the final run in.
Hever Castle (August 12,13) 47 55 58 60 Two very busy days at Hever, particularly the Sunday, great Jousting, Lord Ashley could not miss, scoring lots of points, his horse Marlon flew, like he had eaten some of Mungo's Berocca. Sir Jasper had obviously eaten too many chocolate Brownies and was well off the pace. Huge melee of knights on the Saturday, no-one knew what was going on, but Ashley won !! somehow !! Sir Sam got hit very hard by Sir Stephen, Sir Stephen just laughed, Lord Ashley got hit in the head by Sir Jaspers lance, Sir Jasper just laughed !! Still 6 more days of Jousting to go until the end of the Jousting season, still time for a comeback from Jasper and Stephen. By fair means or foul. Sir Sam check your horse, check the saddle is not on back to front !!! or worse !! ha ha ha.
Hever Castle (August 19,20) 60 46 50 60 Great weekend of sunshine and Jousting. Thanks to Sir Guy and Sir Julian for joining the regular knights and thanks to the hundreds of reenactors who also joined us and took part and staged a couple of great melee's each day in the Tournament. A packed tiltyard with 6 knights all trying to hurt each other, Sir Jasper and Lord Ashley scored well over the weekend, Sir Stephen tried to bribe the know what I mean Sir Stephen !! and Sir Sam, fresh back from having his finger know what I mean Sir Sam !!! both did well but failed to win the rings or even stay on their horses for the entire weekend. Great weekend with lots of extra action and living history from Black Knight Historical. See you all for the Bank Holiday...4 days !!
Hever Castle (August 25,26,27,28) 80 90 115 110 Wow, that was a hot 4 days at Hever...Sir Jasper blew the Jousting Championship, with the final humiliation of missing the hoola hoop on the last day of the season...thats like scoring a hat trick of own goals in the local football derby !! Jasper was gutted, as sick as the proverbial parrot ! Sir Stephen dislocated his shoulder on the last event, doing some crazy yoga position with his arm while holding his lance !! good news though, he was able to "pop it back in" of Sir Stephens many tricks, this one more cringeworthy than most. Sir Sam romped away with the Jousting Championship, well done Sir Sam, swollen leg, black fingernail and all !! Ashley had a strong finish to the season, but not quite strong enough to catch Sir Sam. But fantastic crowds over the 4 days in the sweltering 28+ degree heat ! We have all cancelled our gym memberships and will take the next week to rehydrate. The horses were amazing, they didn't really flinch at the hot weather, well they are all Spanish horses. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the year and thanks to all the knights, knight marshalls, ladies, squires and all on foot in our shows who make all us knights look so fabulous with their invaluable help on the ground. See you all next year xx Note for Sir Jasper, he must try harder and be a bit nicer.
Final Scores so far 807 803 908 846